How to be a police officer.

Always want to be a police officer? 5 police offers will share with how you can become a police officer. They'll teach you the tips and tricks to what classes you need to take and how to get in shape quickly.

After our 60 min class you'll be ready to be on CSI.



Learn it...

Most people watch CSI and decide they want to be a police officer. There are hundreds of websites that claim to teach you how, but we assembled 5 real police officers to share with you the fastest and easiest way to become a police officer. They'll teach you what education you really need, if you really need a degree in criminal justice, and how to get in shape easily. They'll cover:

  • The different types of jobs you can have in a police department
  • How to apply to the best police departments
  • What kind of education is really needed and how not to waste your money

Like all our classes, this class comes with printouts and diagrams so you can always refer to the materials. All our classes are 100% guranteed. Chapters for this class:

  • Chapter 1: What a police officer REALLY does
  • Chapter 2: How police departments recruit and interview candidates
  • Chapter 3: What education/classes you really need
  • Chapter 4: How to pass the physical training
  • Chapter 5: Tricks to get through the academy

As you watch the class you can always ask for advice and help from your classmates.